The Future of Vaping Technology

The vaping industry has come a long way, baby. Each year, mods just keep getting better and better. From coil materials to organic cotton wicking, new cheap mlb jerseys technology is always making things smoother and more satisfying. While the new FDA regulations have paused new products (as of August 8, 2016) in the US for now, in other parts of the world new innovations just keep on coming.

Nickel Wire

Now that most mods are being manufactured with temperature control settings, the future will see more atomizers using nickel wire, or NI-200. Nickel wire has higher thermal and electrical conductivities, which means it is best used with temperature control settings. The benefits of nickel wire include thicker vapor clouds and much more flavorful hits. And, as an added bonus, when using the temperature control setting for NI-200, these coils will last longer than Kanthal coils (the cheap jerseys original wire used in coils).

Stainless Steel

Another more recent option for coils is stainless steel. Stainless steel is quickly becoming a very popular metal for coils. It doesn’t rust, it doesn’t corrode. It heats up quickly and it cools off almost instantly. This makes it a perfect choice for temperature control settings.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is becoming more popular as wicking in atomizer coils. Until now, most of the cotton used in atomizer heads was bleached, non-organic. This type of cotton could contain traces of impurities and chemicals; organic cotton is just cotton. No chemicals, no impurities. No harm. Many companies are starting to use organic cotton because they know this is what vapers want. Organic cotton may soon be the only type of cotton used in coils.

Sub-Ohm Atomizers

Sub-ohm atomizers are currently the rage. While it’s very unlikely that sub-ohming will overtake standard coils, sub-ohm coils aren’t going anywhere. Sub-ohm devices will most likely get some tweaking as time goes on.


As we go forward, we’re going to be seeing companies concentrate on trying to improve battery life. We’ll be seeing smaller, more efficient batteries which are more powerful. New devices will most likely be equipped with TC settings, more advanced processors and microchips. Most mods will also have new apps making them ‘smarter’ and easier to use. This efficiency will automatically prolong battery life.

Future atomizer coils will also be built to last longer. Right now, coils last about three weeks (or less depending upon usage). The future will see atomizer heads lasting months, not weeks. Alternative materials which absorb e-liquids are already being tested viagra autre produit. These materials will make a huge difference in coil life. Coils will also be optimized to produce post more intense flavor. Right now, the emphasis is more on vapor production, but the future will be all about giving you a more wholesale mlb jerseys potent Chic flavor, allowing you to get the most from your e-liquids.

The Bottom Line

Basically, the future will be geared towards providing you with a more quality experience, from start to finish. The parts will last longer, the flavor will be better. Your mod will be made with better materials and it will be more user-friendly. New advancements are being made daily, and you’ll soon see those reflected on your favorite vape store’s shelves. The vaping industry knows it needs to keep up with technology so you don’t get bored; it’s it a win-win for all of us. We’ll get more for our money and have a more enjoyable hobby.

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