Halo’s Flavor Friday: Certifiably Nutty

Be among the first to try 13. this rich new dessert flavor from Halo. <a href="https://www les prix de viagra.halocigs.com/toasted-reserve-e-liquid/”>Toasted Reserve has a www.chicagobearsjerseyspop.com real, rich peanut butter flavor that will leave you craving for more. Picture this:

“Warm, creamy, salty goodness. Toasted Reserve’s authentic peanut butter flavor will stoke your Safety appetite. With each vape, you’ll see, smell, and taste peanuts, fresh roasted and ground into a smooth, satisfying spread.”

Chef Andy at The Juicy Vaper had this initial reaction about one of the newest Halo e-liquids: “Wow!”

Watch his Post full Toasted Reserve review now.

So, BARAJAS what’s your take on Toasted Reserve? Let of us know in the A comments below!

A Billion Lives Explores the Vaping Industry

A Billion Lives is a new award-winning documentary film about vaping. Directed and narrated by Aaron Biebert the film pits the vaping revolution against the corruption and politics of Big Tobacco.

The film starts with the harm tobacco can do, from lung cancer to asthma and wholesale jerseys more, and then outlines the history of the tobacco industry. Their film then shifts and focuses on the vaping industry. They showcase a number of interviews and talks by experts in the field, showing just how e-cigarettes may be able to save a majority of lives that could be lost to tobacco (those billion lives).

Finally, the film shows the attempts the tobacco industry is making to stop the vaping industry. The film really explores how and why people are so critical about vaping and it shows just how much money tobacco needs to survive. The producers tackle issues such as tobacco’s involvement with pharmaceutical corporations and the government.

Aaron Biebert

The documentary was developed by Aaron Biebert, a filmmaker and director based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is his first feature film. He became interested in the topic after doing research into the tobacco industry and finding that one billion people were projected to die from tobacco this century. He became passionate about the project the more he learned.

From the A Billion Lives site:

“Everywhere we look, we see big business interests corrupting the truth and affecting millions of lives. We see that in the food industry, healthcare, government, and now with alternatives to smoking. With nearly unlimited funds, the big money always seems to drown out the truth when it suits them.

As filmmakers, it’s our job to tell stories that need telling, give voices to the voiceless, and make our world a better place. It’s not every day that filmmakers get to tell a story that can change the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world. With A Billion Lives, we have that chance and we’re not going to waste it.

We’re putting everything we have into making this the defining film for an entire generation and helping end the grip smoking has on over a wholesale mlb jerseys billion people.”

Q&A with Aaron

Halo was lucky enough to get a chance to ask the director of A Billion Lives, Aaron Biebert, a few questions about both the documentary and his thoughts wholesale mlb jerseys on the vaping industry:

Halo: You’ve mentioned you came up with the idea for this film while researching medical facts. Did you have a different documentary in mind, originally? If so, what made you decide the tobacco and vaping industries had to be addressed in your film? Especially since you aren’t a smoker or vaper?

Aaron: Ive been very interested in health in the last few years. Ive watched our country get increasingly unhealthy and then in 2014 life expectancies for some groups in the US Wholesale Nike Washington Redskins Jerseys began to go down, despite all this new technology. Something is wrong. Many of the usual suspects (food, war, violence, etc.) were covered in solid documentaries, but I discovered the statistic about a billion people dying from smoking-related diseases this century. I dug around and didnt find any movies about it, so it looked like a worthwhile topic to explore. Its not every day a person can investigate something this big, and be the first to do it in a documentary.

Halo: I know you’re aware of the different state taxes on Serve vaping; have you seen the new Pennsylvania Act (Act No. 84) which enacts a sweeping 40% vaping tax starting Oct 1st? Not only will vapers be paying 40% more, wholesale jerseys a ‘floor tax’ goes into effect that same day. Vape shop owners will have to pay a 40% tax on all inventory on their floor that day. Many vape shops fear this will put them out of business. What do you think of these taxes and the future of vaping?

Aaron: It makes no sense. The general public would be horrified if they understood that these taxes are killing small businesses that are helping people quit a deadly addiction and giving people jobs at the same time. Now, not only will vapers be looked down upon because of the propaganda, but Motor they will have fewer hardware, liquid, and flavor options to find the right combination that works for them. Consequently, theyll keep smoking. And theyll keep dying. Hopefully the Bah?e?ehir answers we provide and corruption we expose in the movie will help open a lot of eyes. Theres a severe lack of correct information right now.

Halo: What have the premieres been like? How are audiences responding?

Aaron: The audiences have been very enthusiastic, and film festivals around the world have given us awards on three continents. We hope the energy motivates Safety those who have seen the film to take action to vote, to write their government Rankings representatives, and to call out those corrupt leaders who put profits and donations ahead of lives.

Halo: Now that the film is getting more press, have you had negative feedback? I read that your site has been hacked Technology once…any additional backlash?

Aaron: The size of the toes weve been stepping on have been rather large, so it’s not surprising that some in government and in large corporations are feeling the heat after all, they have billions of dollars in profits at stake. But overall, weve had few altercations. The biggest challenge has been censorship from Facebook. Its hard to get the truth out there when the #1 social network in the world is holding it back. However, as long as we keep getting the support we have on social media, they wont be able to stop us.

‘A Billion Lives’ is rumored to be up for an Oscar nod for Best Documentary. Find tickets to see it now!

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

Vaping Safety Tips

While most of us know the rules of the wholesale nfl jerseys road when it comes to vaping, it’s never a bad idea to brush up on some safety tips. Often these are good reminders, allowing us to see any bad habits we’ve fallen prey to; and if you’re a new vaper, some of this might be completely new information.

So read on, refresh, learn…and if you have any safety tips of your own, by all means, leave them in Serve the comments section below. They may help out a fellow vaper!


While vaping batteries usually perform very reliably, if mishandled, they can become hazardous. If your mod has a built-in battery, you don’t have much to worry about. However, replaceable batteries can become problematic, especially if you modify your device and do not use it as specified by the manufacturer. Don’t let the discharge rate of your build be greater than the max discharge rating of your battery.

And never carry your extra battery in your pocket. Other items in your pocket (your keys, for example) can accidentally complete the circuit between the negative and positive ends of the battery and set your pants on fire (liar, liar…). Grab a battery case to store that extra battery (and yes, you can carry that in your pants’ pocket).

Make sure those batteries are properly wrapped, too. The wrapping on your battery may seem like it’s just decoration, but it actually serves a purpose: it keeps you, and your battery, safe. If the wrapping is loose, it can cause shorting. If you do notice your wrapping coming lose, you can purchase replacement wholesale nba jerseys battery wraps. Of course, make sure to rewrap it correctly (otherwise, it’s no better than it was).

Storing Those Batteries

When it comes to storage, remember heat is your enemy. Never store your batteries in the sun or in an area of your house which gets really warm. One of our general safety tips is not to leave your mod or your battery in the car because cars can turn into ovens when it’s hot outside.

When it comes to charging your batteries, of buy a quality charger with the right voltage and never leave them unattended. A cheap battery charger can actually overcharge your battery which will make them more susceptible to venting.

Don’t Reuse Your E-Liquid Bottles

Reusing your Incognita e-liquid bottles is a really bad idea; it’s very unsafe. Just buy some more e-liquid and recycle your old bottles correctly.

Watch Your Mod Temperatures

Watch the temps when it comes to your mod. If you are using it regularly, it can get a little warm cheap nba jerseys to the touch; however, if cheap nfl jerseys you notice it’s actually getting hot to the touch, this is a sign the battery is being overworked and it is time to back off for a while. A really hot mod can overheat and produce gases; without the right ventilation, those gases could cause your mod to explode. So, don’t let that happen. эксплуатации Just take a break. But if you do put it down for a while and you notice it’s not cooling off, you’ll need to get rid of that battery (dispose of it correctly at a battery recycling center).

Keep E-Liquids Away from Pets and Children

Some <a href="https://www.halocigs ou peut on trouver du viagra.com/e-liquid/”>e-liquids look really pretty and delicious; kids (and pets) don’t know that drinking nicotine can be deadly. Keep your bottles out of the reach of both children and pets, keeping them sealed at all times. Remember, never, ever provide vaping products ΜΩΡΑ to anyone underage. By law, they are not allowed to purchase nor use them.

Notice Weirdness

If your mod is acting odd, buy a new one. If it’s turning on and peso off on its own, or auto firing, etc., it’s time for a new device.

Storing E-Liquids

Maybe you’re someone who likes to purchase a variety of flavors all at once, or maybe you like to buy in bulk to get a discount. Either way, you will probably be looking to store a few wholesale nba jerseys bottles of e-juice. Remember to store your bottles, tanks and cartomizers in a cool and dark place. Dramatic changes in temperatures, as well as direct sun or heat, can negatively affect the flavor and potency of your e-liquid.

Don’t take the cartomizers out of their packaging until you are ready in to use them. If you do remove the cartomizers from their packaging before you need them, just make sure to store them in a cool, dark place.

Don’t refrigerate or freeze tanks and cartomizers. This can distort the flavor or even crack your tanks.

Honoring Those Who Serve

At Halo, we want to honor those who serve. Which is why, starting November 11th, Veterans Day, we will be providing veterans, first responders and active military with a permanent 10% site-wide discount (excluding gift Miami Dolphins Jerseys cards).


If you are active duty, a first responder, or a veteran, simply register with ID.me. That’s all you have to do. Once you’ve registered, each and every time you shop on Halocigs.com, you will receive your 10% discount.

We want to show our appreciation for your service. Shop with us and save! Register today!

In Addition

In addition, from November 11th Drewpol through November 14th, 10% of all sales on Halocigs.com will be donated to to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF).

The Special Operations Action Warrior Foundation provides the children of fallen special operations personnel  full financial assistance for wholesale jerseys a post-secondary degree from an accredited two- or cheap NBA jerseys four-year college, university, technical, or trade school. They also offer family and educational counseling and in-home tutoring to the surviving children of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps special operations personnel who lose their lives in the line of duty.

SOWF also provides immediate financial assistance to severely wounded and hospitalized special operations personnel. One of the most difficult challenges military families face is the immediate financial burden when в their loved ones are hospitalized with severe combat wounds. SOWF helps by providing a $5,000 grant immediately; this of helps family members get to the bedsides of their loved ones right away. Since 2006 the SOWF has provided $2.2 million to families in need.

More Information on SOWF

If you would like more information about the Special Operations Warrior Foundation or would like to jest find out how you can help, head to their site and learn more.

Register and Save

Remember, simply register with ID.me today and start saving on every Halocigs.com purchase; and for every purchase you make from November 11th through the 14th, we will donate 10% to Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

The Future of Vaping Technology

The vaping industry has come a long way, baby. Each year, mods just keep getting better and better. From coil materials to organic cotton wicking, new cheap mlb jerseys technology is always making things smoother and more satisfying. While the new FDA regulations have paused new products (as of August 8, 2016) in the US for now, in other parts of the world new innovations just keep on coming.

Nickel Wire

Now that most mods are being manufactured with temperature control settings, the future will see more atomizers using nickel wire, or NI-200. Nickel wire has higher thermal and electrical conductivities, which means it is best used with temperature control settings. The benefits of nickel wire include thicker vapor clouds and much more flavorful hits. And, as an added bonus, when using the temperature control setting for NI-200, these coils will last longer than Kanthal coils (the cheap jerseys original wire used in coils).

Stainless Steel

Another more recent option for coils is stainless steel. Stainless steel is quickly becoming a very popular metal for coils. It doesn’t rust, it doesn’t corrode. It heats up quickly and it cools off almost instantly. This makes it a perfect choice for temperature control settings.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is becoming more popular as wicking in atomizer coils. Until now, most of the cotton used in atomizer heads was bleached, non-organic. This type of cotton could contain traces of impurities and chemicals; organic cotton is just cotton. No chemicals, no impurities. No harm. Many companies are starting to use organic cotton because they know this is what vapers want. Organic cotton may soon be the only type of cotton used in coils.

Sub-Ohm Atomizers

Sub-ohm atomizers are currently the rage. While it’s very unlikely that sub-ohming will overtake standard coils, sub-ohm coils aren’t going anywhere. Sub-ohm devices will most likely get some tweaking as time goes on.


As we go forward, we’re going to be seeing companies concentrate on trying to improve battery life. We’ll be seeing smaller, more efficient batteries which are more powerful. New devices will most likely be equipped with TC settings, more advanced processors and microchips. Most mods will also have new apps making them ‘smarter’ and easier to use. This efficiency will automatically prolong battery life.

Future atomizer coils will also be built to last longer. Right now, coils last about three weeks (or less depending upon usage). The future will see atomizer heads lasting months, not weeks. Alternative materials which absorb e-liquids are already being tested viagra autre produit. These materials will make a huge difference in coil life. Coils will also be optimized to produce post more intense flavor. Right now, the emphasis is more on vapor production, but the future will be all about giving you a more wholesale mlb jerseys potent Chic flavor, allowing you to get the most from your e-liquids.

The Bottom Line

Basically, the future will be geared towards providing you with a more quality experience, from start to finish. The parts will last longer, the flavor will be better. Your mod will be made with better materials and it will be more user-friendly. New advancements are being made daily, and you’ll soon see those reflected on your favorite vape store’s shelves. The vaping industry knows it needs to keep up with technology so you don’t get bored; it’s it a win-win for all of us. We’ll get more for our money and have a more enjoyable hobby.