How to use our e-liquid calculator

Our e-liquid calculator is easy to use, and can tell you in seconds exactly what to mix into your vape juice.

Open the calculator in a new tab by clicking here.Before you start, you need to know which flavours you are mixing (see our recipe cards for examples), what your PG/VG ratio will be, and what nicotine strength you would like.  Then simply follow a few simple steps to generate a full recipe for your e-juice.
As an example I will make 10ml of Blueberry Muffin, with a 30%PG/70%VG ratio, and a 6mg nicotine strength using 72mg nicotine in PG.
Use the slider to set your desired PG/VG ratio.  I am aiming for 30/70. Set the amount of liquid you are mixing. For me, it’s 10ml.
If you are using nicotine, enter the strength of the nicotine liquid you are using, and whether it is carried in PG or VG peut on prendre viagra sans ordonnance.  Below, add the nicotine strength you would like your final e-liquid to be.If you are diluting your e-liquid with a substance such as water or alcohol, you can add that percentage here under ‘extra diluent.’  I’m not using any, and will leave it at 0.
Put in the percentage of your first flavour. To make Blueberry Muffin, that is 16% of Capella’s Blueberry.Press ‘add flavour’ and enter the percentage of your second flavour. For me this is 4%.If you are using more flavours, press ‘add flavour’ and continue until all your flavours are entered.You can enter your own recipe into the calculator here.Now it’s time to get mixing.  Check out our mixing guide for step by step instructions!

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