How to Become an Advanced Vaper for Under £90

Vaping is getting more and more expensive as technology, and our community, grows. You’ll likely find a new mod coming out every month with an extra feature and a £150 price tag; but who can afford to be shelling out this much just because you could squeeze in an extra 10w that you will probably never use? This article will help you upgrade from your VW devices and get into the big leagues without having to sell your car.First of all, what actually classes as an ‘advanced vaper’? It’s probably a bit of a grey area, but let’s say a ‘newbie’ is someone with an eGo device and standard premade liquids, and has been vaping for less than a month. An ‘intermediate’ is someone who has bought a box mod or two, understands how an e-cig works and has maybe built a few coils and mixed a few juices. An ‘advanced’ vaper is anything after that; after all, there are too many possibilities when it comes to vaping to possibly be able to list them all here. Let’s jump straight into the deep end, and become an advanced vaper with a tiny price tag.Before you all raise your pitchforks, I understand that being an advanced vaper also requires experience and practice in whatever path you decide to go down. Be it mod making, DIY mixing, cloud-chasing or one of the other hundred things you can do with a vape. As such, I will mention topics which must be read up and understood before you can claim the title of ‘advanced vaper’. When you go back to whatever forum or social media you tend to scroll through, you should be able to contribute and discuss topics that I mention in detail, and offer advice to others; this tends to show that you have sufficient knowledge on the topic.

The Atomizer

First, you need an advanced device; let’s start with the atomizer. I’d recommend going for either an RTA or an RBA, where I lean slightly towards an RTA. It allows you to build your own coils and wick while also having the convenience of a tank, so you don’t have to drip again every 7 toots. I personally enjoy the Goblin Mini, which you should be able to find for around £25. However, it’s always good to do a little research and see what will work for you; remember vaping is all about your experience. Before you build your own coils, make sure to read up on it! Especially make sure you understand ohm’s law.Total cost so far: £25

The Mod

Next, you’ll need a mod. Now you have even more room to find what works best for you. If you want to go for the latest trend, a lot of people are switching to temp control mods, which will adjust the wattage automatically to keep your vape at a constant temperature. If you want to find out more, we wrote up on temperature control vaping recently. The other options you have are variable wattage, variable voltage and mech mods. Mechs are the hardcore, cloud-generating monsters that are unregulated and run a simple circuit with a cell. However, this makes the cell the weakest link in the mod, so you should read up on battery safety in e-cigs. The temp control mod I would recommend is the Eleaf iStick 40w TC. You should be able to find this online for around £35. This looks really nice with the Goblin Mini, too. Should you want to go into the mech territory and look like a cloud-generating boss, then I would recommend the Nemesis mod, which retails at about £30.Total cost so far: Temp control route: £60 Mechanical route: £55

The Accessories

You are going to want some nice kit for your device, such as materials for building your deck. This is where it is going to get varied a little. If you went down the temp control route, then you simply need some wick and wire. However, you need specific wire for temp control; either NI200 (nickel) or titanium. I’d recommend buying this at StealthVape, where they are well renowned for their wire. You can also pick up your wick there! They stock the two most recommended wicking materials, MUJI Organic Cotton, and Cotton Bacon V2. It will cost you around £10 for both your wick and wire.If you went for the mechanical route, then you will want wick, wire and a battery. Never, never,skimp on your battery. It is the most essential purchase when going for a mechanical setup. I would recommend the eFest IMR 35Amp 2500mAh. This has been claimed to be safe all the way down to 0.3 ohms. On top of this, you could use the popular Kanthal A1 wire, and either MUJI Organic Cotton or Cotton Bacon V2. All of this will cost you around £15.Total cost so far: Temp control route: £70 Mechanical route: £70

The Juice

Can we be advanced with juices too? Well, we can always mix our own. This is something Make My Vape specialise in, and you can pick up a DIY kit from us starting at £15.49. The advantages of mixing your own juice are the huge savings (up to 90% cheaper), and the fact that you can completely personalise your flavour, nicotine strength, additives, and you can cut out any possible nasties you have read about online. Our blog has plenty of tutorials on mixing, but you should start by learning exactly what is in your e-liquid.Total cost so far: £85.49That’s it! For £85.49, you have access to all of the kit you will need to become an ‘advanced’ vaper. Whether you decide to become a mod maker, a mixologist or just a tinkerer, you now have the ‘essentials’ at your disposal. If you are struggling to decide whether you should try temp control or mechanical mods first, my recommendation is that if you love flavour, go for temp control. If you love clouds, go down the mechanical road.

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