E-Juice Nicotine Levels Explained

One of the most common questions we are asked both by email and on the phone is:“How much nicotine should I put into my e-juice?”When trying to explain e-juice nicotine levels, it is important to remember that it is entirely down to preference. There is no ‘correct’ level of nicotine, and you should experiment to find the amount that suits your needs and will help you to achieve the ultimate goal of quitting smoking sites achat viagra.

What is nicotine?

Nicotine is a colourless or slightly yellow oily liquid which is the main constituent of tobacco. It is absorbed through the skin and the mucosal linings in the nose, mouth and lungs, travels through the bloodstream and reaches the brain in about 7 seconds. In small doses, it acts as a stimulant however it can block the action of nerves and skeletal muscle cells in high quantities.It is highly addictive and is mostly consumed through cigarette smoking; which is why you are on this page right now, making the switch to vaping! We all know how dangerous cigarettes are due to the tar and sheer quantity of extra chemicals added to them from horrid sources, but an e-cig containing just 4 ingredients including nicotine, which wouldn’t cause you serious health problems in the quantities you would be consuming withoutthe combustion process? Not so bad.

Explain the numbers to me.

Okay, if you are asking this question, you probably will be confused when you read something like ‘50ml VG Nicotine 72mg’. While it may look like a terrifying string of symbols which don’t make much sense, it’s easy to understand once you break it down.‘50ml’ is simply how much you have in your bottle; but I’m sure you already got that one. ‘VG’ means that the nicotine is based in vegetable glycerine; it could also be based in PG, or propylene glycol. This is done so that you do not have to handle raw nicotine, and so that it comes in liquid form. The nicotine is diluted to create a more manageable solution to add to your vape, the same way you would dilute squash in water before you drink it (but please do not drink nicotine!).‘72mg’ is how much the nicotine was diluted. It is given in terms of how many milligrams of nicotine there are in a millilitre of the solution. Thus, 72mg means there are 72 milligrams of nicotine in 1 millilitre of the nicotine solution. So to summarise, ‘50ml VG Nicotine 72mg’ means ‘50ml of nicotine which has been diluted in VG enough for there to be 72mg of nicotine in each ml’.

Nice! So how much nicotine do I need?

If you have gotten to the point where you are ready to add your own nicotine and get the right e-juice nicotine levels, you probably already know the nicotine strength you like to vape at. For reference, in a cigarette there is roughly 8-24mg of nicotine, which averages to 12mg. However, you only absorb around 1-2mg of this, so that might give you a good idea of where to start. Right now, my preference of nicotine is 3mg.So let’s say I’m making 10ml of e-liquid. What you are essentially doing here is diluting the nicotine further until it reaches the strength that you want. If I added 10ml of my nicotine, I’d still have 72mg strength because nothing has changed. Now if I fill my bottle with 5ml of other ingredients and then have 5ml of nicotine, I have halved the strength to 36mg, and so forth. So how do I work out how much to add in order to get 3mg?The formula for working this out is (target strength / base strength) * amount of e-liquid to make. The target strength / base strength tells us how much nicotine there would be in 1ml in order to have a 3mg strength, so we need to multiply that by 10 to tell us how much nicotine needs to be in 10ml in order to have a 3mg strength. The calculation we would do in this situation is (3 / 72) * 10, which is 0.42. So I will add 0.42ml of nicotine into my solution, and hoorah! I have a 3mg nicotine strength.

Phew, that was a lot to take in!

It might seem daunting, but it’s so simple once you’ve given it a go. To make things even easier, there are plenty of online e-liquid calculators ready for you to punch in the numbers and do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you.At the very least, you have some idea of how e-juice nicotine levels are calculated for e-liquid. If this helped you, then help others by sharing! Also, if you have any further questions about nicotine levels then don’t hesitate to ask away in the comment section.

The Smoothest Vape – Guide to Variable Temperature Vaping

Variable temperature vaping has been around for a while, however it has been gaining a lot of popularity over the recent months. You may or may not have heard of it before, but by the end of this article you’ll know all about it and why it’s great!

What will it do for me?

This is the first question you are likely to ask when confronted with VT vaping. Being able to control your temperature is going to help you in a multitude of ways and it’s not just for the advanced vapers either; there are plenty of improvements to the overall vaping experience.To state the obvious, variable temperature vaping allows you to control how hot your vape will become. This means that you will effectively never get a dry hit again. You can take the longest toot in the world and still have a smooth, cool cloud being emitted from your nose, mouth, or both. However it doesn’t stop there, as you can even set your temperature below 410°F (which is the fire, or ‘flash’ point of cotton) therefore removing any such formaldehyde and combustion-esque scare or browning of your wick.What about if you aren’t scared of that stuff? You just vape because it tastes good and keeps you off the cigs! Well, VT still has something for you. When you adjust your temperature, you can control exactly how your vape tastes pharmacie en ligne viagra. For example, you might find that creamy flavours taste great hot, but taste amazing cold due to all of the hidden flavour notes that you couldn’t notice before. It’s kind of like choosing between chocolate milk or hot chocolate.

How does it work?

VT only works if you use a nickel (ni200) or titanium coil. This is because when these metals get hot, their resistance increases tremendously; we can detect that change in resistance and adjust the wattage accordingly. Some VT mods will completely cut off the power once the temperature is reached, while others will just lower it to accommodate the increase in heat; some even do both.One problem which has been brought up in discussion is that nickel and titanium can create nasty byproducts when heated and exposed to oxygen, also known as ‘oxidising’. However, your vape will never get hot enough to melt any metal that you use as a coil, with aluminium having one of the lowest melting points at 660°c. Furthermore, nickel and titanium both form protective oxide coatings to prevent further oxidisation, albeit titanium going through this process at a slower rate. Titanium is, however, often ‘electropolished’ to increase corrosion resistance.This overview on variable temperature vaping should give you some insight on what VT is and whether it’s right for you. If you learnt something, share this with your friends using the social media buttons! As always, feel free to leave a comment if you have any further questions or concerns about variable temperature vaping.

How to Become an Advanced Vaper for Under £90

Vaping is getting more and more expensive as technology, and our community, grows. You’ll likely find a new mod coming out every month with an extra feature and a £150 price tag; but who can afford to be shelling out this much just because you could squeeze in an extra 10w that you will probably never use? This article will help you upgrade from your VW devices and get into the big leagues without having to sell your car.First of all, what actually classes as an ‘advanced vaper’? It’s probably a bit of a grey area, but let’s say a ‘newbie’ is someone with an eGo device and standard premade liquids, and has been vaping for less than a month. An ‘intermediate’ is someone who has bought a box mod or two, understands how an e-cig works and has maybe built a few coils and mixed a few juices. An ‘advanced’ vaper is anything after that; after all, there are too many possibilities when it comes to vaping to possibly be able to list them all here. Let’s jump straight into the deep end, and become an advanced vaper with a tiny price tag.Before you all raise your pitchforks, I understand that being an advanced vaper also requires experience and practice in whatever path you decide to go down. Be it mod making, DIY mixing, cloud-chasing or one of the other hundred things you can do with a vape. As such, I will mention topics which must be read up and understood before you can claim the title of ‘advanced vaper’. When you go back to whatever forum or social media you tend to scroll through, you should be able to contribute and discuss topics that I mention in detail, and offer advice to others; this tends to show that you have sufficient knowledge on the topic.

The Atomizer

First, you need an advanced device; let’s start with the atomizer. I’d recommend going for either an RTA or an RBA, where I lean slightly towards an RTA. It allows you to build your own coils and wick while also having the convenience of a tank, so you don’t have to drip again every 7 toots. I personally enjoy the Goblin Mini, which you should be able to find for around £25. However, it’s always good to do a little research and see what will work for you; remember vaping is all about your experience. Before you build your own coils, make sure to read up on it! Especially make sure you understand ohm’s law.Total cost so far: £25

The Mod

Next, you’ll need a mod. Now you have even more room to find what works best for you. If you want to go for the latest trend, a lot of people are switching to temp control mods, which will adjust the wattage automatically to keep your vape at a constant temperature. If you want to find out more, we wrote up on temperature control vaping recently. The other options you have are variable wattage, variable voltage and mech mods. Mechs are the hardcore, cloud-generating monsters that are unregulated and run a simple circuit with a cell. However, this makes the cell the weakest link in the mod, so you should read up on battery safety in e-cigs. The temp control mod I would recommend is the Eleaf iStick 40w TC. You should be able to find this online for around £35. This looks really nice with the Goblin Mini, too. Should you want to go into the mech territory and look like a cloud-generating boss, then I would recommend the Nemesis mod, which retails at about £30.Total cost so far: Temp control route: £60 Mechanical route: £55

The Accessories

You are going to want some nice kit for your device, such as materials for building your deck. This is where it is going to get varied a little. If you went down the temp control route, then you simply need some wick and wire. However, you need specific wire for temp control; either NI200 (nickel) or titanium. I’d recommend buying this at StealthVape, where they are well renowned for their wire. You can also pick up your wick there! They stock the two most recommended wicking materials, MUJI Organic Cotton, and Cotton Bacon V2. It will cost you around £10 for both your wick and wire.If you went for the mechanical route, then you will want wick, wire and a battery. Never, never,skimp on your battery. It is the most essential purchase when going for a mechanical setup. I would recommend the eFest IMR 35Amp 2500mAh. This has been claimed to be safe all the way down to 0.3 ohms. On top of this, you could use the popular Kanthal A1 wire, and either MUJI Organic Cotton or Cotton Bacon V2. All of this will cost you around £15.Total cost so far: Temp control route: £70 Mechanical route: £70

The Juice

Can we be advanced with juices too? Well, we can always mix our own. This is something Make My Vape specialise in, and you can pick up a DIY kit from us starting at £15.49. The advantages of mixing your own juice are the huge savings (up to 90% cheaper), and the fact that you can completely personalise your flavour, nicotine strength, additives, and you can cut out any possible nasties you have read about online. Our blog has plenty of tutorials on mixing, but you should start by learning exactly what is in your e-liquid.Total cost so far: £85.49That’s it! For £85.49, you have access to all of the kit you will need to become an ‘advanced’ vaper. Whether you decide to become a mod maker, a mixologist or just a tinkerer, you now have the ‘essentials’ at your disposal. If you are struggling to decide whether you should try temp control or mechanical mods first, my recommendation is that if you love flavour, go for temp control. If you love clouds, go down the mechanical road.

How to use our e-liquid calculator

Our e-liquid calculator is easy to use, and can tell you in seconds exactly what to mix into your vape juice.

Open the calculator in a new tab by clicking here.Before you start, you need to know which flavours you are mixing (see our recipe cards for examples), what your PG/VG ratio will be, and what nicotine strength you would like.  Then simply follow a few simple steps to generate a full recipe for your e-juice.
As an example I will make 10ml of Blueberry Muffin, with a 30%PG/70%VG ratio, and a 6mg nicotine strength using 72mg nicotine in PG.
Use the slider to set your desired PG/VG ratio.  I am aiming for 30/70. Set the amount of liquid you are mixing. For me, it’s 10ml.
If you are using nicotine, enter the strength of the nicotine liquid you are using, and whether it is carried in PG or VG peut on prendre viagra sans ordonnance.  Below, add the nicotine strength you would like your final e-liquid to be.If you are diluting your e-liquid with a substance such as water or alcohol, you can add that percentage here under ‘extra diluent.’  I’m not using any, and will leave it at 0.
Put in the percentage of your first flavour. To make Blueberry Muffin, that is 16% of Capella’s Blueberry.Press ‘add flavour’ and enter the percentage of your second flavour. For me this is 4%.If you are using more flavours, press ‘add flavour’ and continue until all your flavours are entered.You can enter your own recipe into the calculator here.Now it’s time to get mixing.  Check out our mixing guide for step by step instructions!

Brexit, Vaping and TPD – what happens next?

The country has voted for Brexit. What will this mean for vapers and what impact will it have on TPD?

Let’s face it, before today, it was not entirely clear what the end result of the Tobacco Products Directive 2 (TPD) would have been for making DIY e-liquid. As far as we knew, the only DIY product which would be affected was liquid nicotine, but no conclusive official advice had been issued, with different bodies telling me different things. And now we have voted for Brexit. What will this mean for DIY e-liquid, and vaping more generally?

For now, very little will change

The ‘Brexit’ vote signals a decision by a majority of British voters to leave. David Cameron stated clearly this morning that the current government would respect this decision. However, this might not mean any discernible change for some time. The formal process of Britain leaving the EU will not begin until the British Government triggers the process laid out in Article 10 of the Lisbon treaty. That would start a leaving process which would begin with two years of negotiations before the mechanisms for leaving were triggered. However, the leading Tories in the Brexit camp had said that if successful in the referendum, they intended to have a protracted formal negotiation with the 27 other EU member states before invoking Article 50. If, as seems likely, a leading Tory Brexiteer were to replace Cameron as Prime Minister, there is a possibility of a lengthy interlude before Article 50 is invoked. As such, according to Chris Grayling, the leader of the House of Commons, we might expect to leave the EU by the end of 2019. This means that potentially, between now and then, life for most of us will go on very much as before.

What about TPD?

For vaping, perhaps the biggest question begged by the vote for Brexit is the future juridical status of ‘TPD,’ the peice of EU legislation which will severely restrict the range of e-liquids and tanks available. The Brexit vote raises several possibilities: (1) The legislation will be allowed to stand and will be enforced. It is perfectly plausible to suggest that TPD will be viewed by the authorities as a deed done, and that they will enforce it in exactly the same way as they would have done had the referendum gone the other way. The only significant difference would be that the possibility would exist for our parliament to legislate to amend or repeal the law at a later date. (2) The legislation will be repealed There is a possibility that an amount of EU legislation might simply be removed by statute. However, there are reasons for thinking this unlikely. Since most of the TPD is concerned not with vaping, but with tobacco products, and further that much of it creates a situation vis a vis tobacco with which the government would be perfectly happy, it is likely that repeal would happen only as part of a wider broad brush negation of a body of EU legislation. Since such an action would cause immense difficulties in negotiating trading agreements with the EU, it must be highly unlikely. (3) Only the parts affecting vaping will be binned Given opposition to the parts of TPD dealing with electronic cigarettes among the electorate and among members of the Commons and Lords, we might be entitled to hope that common sense would prevail, and the law amended to nullify the parts of TPD treating electronic cigarettes and e-liquid. There must be a possibility that eventually this might happen. It is however, likely, that the mechanism for this would be new legislation to replace the provisions of the TPD treating e-cigs. The contents of any such legislation is a major unknown. In addition, we must face the reality that given the quantity of legal changes which leaving the EU will involve, the provisions of TPD regarding vaping are likely to be some way down the list of governmental priorities, and as such are unlikely to be dealt with any time soon. (4) The legislation will stand but will not be enforced Given the amount of government business likely to be generated by the process of leaving the EU, there must be some likelihood that no government department will have the time, energy or will to take steps to ensure that the provisions of TPD affecting vaping will be enforced, especially if the government is minded to change the legislation at a future point when parliamentary time is available to do so. Should this happen, it will be important to monitor closely any statements of intent from the government. A long period between a statement of intent and a legislative change would be potentially very unhelpful to law abiding vapers.

How else will vapers be affected?

Uncertainty in the currency markets could have an effect on the supply and/or price of e-liquid imported from outside the UK. If the pound is weak, it becomes more expensive to import e-liquid. In addition, when Britain does leave the EU, it is possible that import prices will be affected by re-negotiated trade agreements.

An optimistic future?

The vaping industry in Britain has, until the repercussions of TPD, been thriving. Whatever the future holds, our elected politicians will no longer be able to tell us we must abide by idiotic decisions made by the EU which they are powerless to change. The number of vapers in Britain (estimated at 2.8 million) would have been more than enough to decide the referendum had we voted en bloc. Similarly, we are a numerous enough group to decide the outcome of parliamentary elections in a very large number of constituencies. We must ensure our MPs – elected to serve us – understand our feelings about vaping and how it should or should not be regulated. It might seem a relatively insignificant issue in the light of other repercussions of the referendum, but when vaping is back on the political agenda, we must ensure our representatives at Westminster do in fact represent our interests, and are not unduly influenced by the tobacco and drug companies.

All Day Vape for the summer

Here is my All Day Vape for the summer – what’s yours?

Summer is here, and I want something I can vape all day and all night. A couple of weeks ago, I was mixing with some of our newer flavour concentrates, and tried a whole bunch of juice. But the one liquid that has constantly been in my tank for the last couple of weeks is H’berg type. The recipe is simple, and the juice is so good, I have settled on my All Day Vape for the summer. It’s going to take something good to make me change my mind.

The mix

I am vaping Pope and Brewer’s Hberg type at 15%, with 3mg nicotine in a 70VG/30PG liquid. To make 50ml, using 72mg nicotine in VG: PG – 7.5ml VG – 32.9ml Nicotine – 2.1ml H’berg type concentrate – 7.5ml

The vape

This concentrate has a really strong smell to it, and as soon as I had mixed my liquid, I had a sniff and it smelt like it was going to need a long steep. Impatient and undeterred, I loaded the tank up straight away. It was pretty good right off the bat, but clearly needed a bit of time. Luckily, my backup All Day Vape, Fields of Home, saw me through a couple of days steeping time. Three days later, the smell is still immensely strong, but the vape is much better. A lovely fruity base with just enough menthol coolness but not a huge throat hit. I mixed some at 20% as well, and a few people preferred it, but the menthol was a bit overpowering for me at that strength. The only other adjustment I might make is cutting the nicotine down, because I am vaping a LOT of this right now! Hat, deckchair, trashy novel, and my All Day Vape for the summer in my device viagra gel. That’s me happy ’till autumn. Let us know what you are vaping this summer. If you have recipes you want to share, post them below, and we will put the best ones on the site – please let us know what name (if any) you would like us to credit the recipe to.

Kringle’s Curse: Winter’s Favorite

It will take over and carry you away with its crisp, bold, intense peppermint flavor. Kringle’s Curse is the ultimate experience that will leave you craving more. Embrace your next all-day vape now!

As you can see, we love Kringle’s Curse, and so do our customers. Read their rave reviews:

Vapelover says this e-liquid is “My new best friend! Kringle’s Curse e-liquid has been there with me since day one and has never let me down. The taste is awesome and it reminds me of a candy cane. The throat hit and vapor production are really good. I always use it after a meal to get rid of the food taste and smell. It makes my breath feel really fresh. It is safe to say I will be using Kringle’s Curse as long as I vape. I would suggest that everyone should at least give this a shot.”

And Mintyfresh says it’s “Delicious, my favorite! Kringle’s Curse is my personal favorite of all of the menthol flavors offered by Halo. It’s very sweet and it literally tastes like a candy cane. Unlike some of the other sweet flavors I’ve tried, the aftertaste isn’t too sugary. I’ve ordered the regular and high VG mixes, and found them both to taste the same and vape very well in my tank.”

Tisha compares it to Christmas. In fact, she says it “Tastes like Christmas! I love this flavor in the winter and around Christmastime! It makes me think of snow and Santa Claus!”

Maurice calls this flavor simply “AWESOME!” He goes on to say, “This is simply the best flavor I have ever tasted. It is awesome. I have made it my ADV. I have had e-juices from other companies and they do not compare to Halo’s ou trouver du viagra. I have other Halo juices and they are all just great. Halo is the best—great e-juices and fast shipping. Thank you, Halo!”

And Rip Trippers says it’s a ‘sublime’ e-liquid. Check out his video review:


So what’s your take on Kringle’s Curse? Let us know in the comments below!